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If you’re worried that you’re not making the most of your money, or are thinking about making a big financial move – talking to Black Sheep Finance should be the first step.

We’re here to give you solid, honest options when it comes to your refinancing. We’ll work through your current situation, review your liabilities and day-to-day spending and, if possible, find you a better deal.

What we do

Perhaps your financial situation has changed, for the better or worse. Perhaps a life event means you need to review your money situation and make adjustments.

At Black Sheep Finance, we find that people often outgrow their old financial plans, their loans and repayments, but the thought of changing to a new lender or renegotiating rates, just feels too overwhelming.

So why not let us do the hard work for you?


Review all your current liabilities and lenders

Help you decide if you no need to refinance or renegotiate with your existing lender

Explain situations where refinancing is not the best option

Calculate possible savings and outline repayments

Discuss your existing equity and explain your potential for investment

We’ll do all this with your future life goals in mind, so that the solution we develop is flexible enough to grow with you.

We’ll take you through a simple process, to ensure we fully understand where you’re at and where you want to go:


  • Step 1: Talk through your current financial situation, your cashflow and long term goals
  • Step 2: Review your current lender rates, fees and terms
  • Step 3: Look into other potential options and find some solid matches
  • Step 4: Talk you through what’s involved in refinancing – answering all your questions and explaining the conditions, fees, and all the jargon
  • Step 5: Work through any necessary application or transfer paperwork, and deal with the lenders on your behalf
  • Step 6: Ensure that your new financial plan is workable, not just for today but for the future

Our lovely lenders

Choose from banking’s big boys, or a range of niche mortgage providers