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Separating from a partner is stressful enough, without having to disentangle yourself from all your joint financial commitments.

Working with Black Sheep Finance can help you find the clarity you need. We’ll help you remove emotion from the situation and give you sensible, practical advice on separation finances – allowing you to come to a mutually acceptable financial arrangement.

What we do

We understand that divorce and separation are incredibly tough, and that’s why we strive to provide the support you need to work though all your finances.

Our friendly team will:

Review all your jointly owned assets, handling any necessary valuations

Clarify your current liabilities including loan repayments, credit cards, school fees, bills and household outgoings

Help you decide on a financial offer – if your separation is amicable

Review the capacity to borrow for both you and your ex-partner

Highlight if either of you is in the position to buy the other out – or if your assets will need to be sold

Organise a conveyancer for the transfer of titles if required

Discuss the loan variations involved in changing lenders, removing your partner’s name from the deeds

Review current lender options and if possible, find you a better deal

Once the financial dust has settled, we’ll talk you through your new financial landscape, so you’re 100% clear on where you stand. We’ll also draw up a budget and plan, to help you work towards reducing your overall debt.

How it works

When you’re ready, we’ll meet with you and work through everything, asking you the important questions and honestly explaining what steps you need to take.

This involves:

  • Step 1: Reviewing all your existing mutual financial commitments, your income and your regular outgoings
  • Step 2: Collating and valuing all your assets and, if possible, settling on an amicable, mutually satisfying offer
  • Step 3: Discussing your financial options when it comes to buying out your partner
  • Step 4: Speaking to lenders and conveyancers on your behalf to reorganise loans, change titles and handle all the paperwork
  • Step 4: Helping you to set new priorities and organise payments
  • Step 5: Checking in with you to ensure you’re on track and, if necessary, make adjustments to your repayment plans

Our lovely lenders

Choose from banking’s big boys, or a range of niche mortgage providers