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Buying an investment property can be a smart move, but only if you know what you’re doing. At Black Sheep Finance, we’ll take you through all the ins and outs, and ensure that investing in property will help you meet your goals.

“Black Sheep Finance taught me heaps about investments and how to manage a home loan. I found them to be really reliable and thorough. They took the time to explain everything. I’d encourage anyone to contact them.”

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What we do

We’ll take you through the complexities of investment property buying, translating the jargon, explaining the facts and giving you a realistic view of the road ahead.

We’ll outline:

Why turning your current home into an investment property might not be the best move

How to structure your current home loan and plan for future investment opportunities

Why it’s important to get to grips with your cash flow and understand how much you can borrow

What ‘equity’ and ‘leverage’ really mean and how they can impact your financial choices

Why the ‘cross collaterising’ recommendation given by other banks and mortgage brokers, could be a seriously bad idea

The mistakes so many investors make – and how you can avoid them

How to map out an action plan for future investments over the next 5–25 years

How it Works

We have a straightforward, six-step process that makes buying your home super simple.


  • Step 1: Talk through your current financial situation, your cash flow and long-term goals
  • Step 2: We calculate 3 things to determine your investment position, your equity, borrowing capacity and cash flow position.
  • Step 3: Compare investment home loan offers and find a few good matches
  • Step 4: Talk you through the potential loan options, explaining the conditions, fees, and all the jargon. We’ll also answer ALL your questions
  • Step 5: Work through the application process on your behalf, handling all the paperwork and dealing directly with the lender on your behalf
  • Step 6: Ensure your investment loan is approved quickly and efficiently with less stress

Our lovely lenders

Choose from banking’s big boys, or a range of niche mortgage providers.