Purchase your
own paddock

When it comes to giving you solid mortgage advice, we don’t pull any punches.

Yes, we compare heaps of lenders, negotiate a better rate and do all the paperwork and running around. But we also do a whole lot more.

“Before I approached Black Sheep Finance I didn’t feel at all confident about buying my first home, but Tish took me through everything associated with purchasing a home. She went above and beyond. Trust me, these guys know what they’re doing.”

First Home Loan

What we do

We’ll give you the lowdown on the stuff that actually matters,
so if you’re thinking about buying your own home – you’re 100% confident.

We’ll cover:


Explaining what all the lending terms and financial jargon really means and how the home loan game works


Discussing your spending and savings habits


Breaking down the true costs involved in buying a house (including things like stamp duty, conveyancing and mortgage insurance)


Teaching you how to negotiate a good deal and helping you to make an offer on your future home, including which terms to put on the offer form


Calculating how much deposit you’ll need, how much you can borrow, and what price you should be buying at


Taking care of the conveyancing and insurance arrangements for you


Debunking the “lower the rate the better” myth, explaining comparison rates and revealing any potential issues with bank packages.


Helping you structure the loan correctly – based on how long you intend to stay there


Explaining offset and other tricks to show how you can pay your mortgage off faster


Reviewing in 3-12 months to see how your home loan is progressing and if it’s working for you

We won’t recommend the hottest home loan on the market, but rather help you make a considered, careful choice.
We want you to choose a home loan that grows with you and offers the flexibility you need.

How it works

We have a straightforward, six-step process that makes buying your home super simple.


  • Step 1: Chat about your financial situation and goals
  • Step 2: Work out how much you can borrow and what your repayments might look like
  • Step 3: Compare home loan deals and find good matches for your situation
  • Step 4: Talk you through the loan, explaining the fees, conditions and all the jargon, and take the time to talk through your questions and concerns
  • Step 5: Work through the application process with you, handle all the paperwork and deal directly with the lender on your behalf
  • Step 6: Ensure your loan is approved quickly and efficiently with less stress

Oh, and unlike some mortgage brokers, we don’t take a one-night stand approach to finding you a home loan.

Instead, we’re with you for the long term and we’re happy to offer help and support, even after your home loan is signed, sealed and delivered.

Our lovely lenders

Choose from banking’s big boys, or a range of niche mortgage providers.