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Building your own home, or starting a major house makeover can be exciting. But if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could rapidly find you’ve used up your budget, and your house still looks like a bombsite.

At Black Sheep finance, we’ll take you through the common pitfalls and ensure you have solid financial foundations. We’ll help you find the right builder loan for your construction.

What we do

Of course, we’re here to help you secure the finance for your reno or build, but the team at Black Sheep Finance can help with so much more than that.


Teach you how the building process works and explain the common horrors of building and why delays happen

Help you plan a realistic budget which includes what the cost of interest will be over the construction period and give you a realistic repayment schedule

Connect you with our recommended builders or builder brokers and liaise with your chosen builder to handle all the extra paperwork

Create a realistic building timeline that allows contingency time for any issues along the way.

Help you process progress payments throughout your build

Provide creative ideas on how to finance all the extras the builder doesn’t include, like floorings, driveways, landscaping and fittings

Review your loan after completion of the build and potentially change your financing product or restructure repayment frequency and amounts

How it works

We’ve helped many people get to grips with the realities of a build or renovation, and now we’re here to help you.


  • Step 1: Review your building plans, existing financial situation and goals
  • Step 2: Help you agree a loan figure and map out your likely repayment schedule
  • Step 3: Compare construction and home loans and find a few good matches
  • Step 4: Talk you through the potential construction loan, answering your questions and explaining all the jargon, conditions and fees
  • Step 5: Handle the application process for you, managing the paperwork and dealing directly with the lender
  • Step 6: Ensure your construction loan is approved quickly and efficiently with less stress

Our lovely lenders

Choose from banking’s big boys, or a range of niche mortgage providers.