Your mortgage matchmaker

Finding a mortgage is a bit like finding the perfect partner.

There are heaps to choose from. Some look great at first glance, but dig a little deeper and you find they’re all gloss and no guts. And others may make a bad first impression, but actually turn out to be a better fit in the long run.

At Black Sheep Finance, we help you cut through the confusion and help you find a great mortgage match.

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Let’s get a few things straight

If you’re looking for a ‘burn and churn’ kind of mortgage broker, we might not be for you. We’re all about individual attention and treating our customers like people, not numbers.

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • Use high-pressure sales tactics
  • Confuse you with ‘expert’ jargon
  • Recommend mortgages just to make a fast buck

Here’s what we do do:

  • Recommend home loans based on the best fit for you
  • Use plain English and explain everything completely
  • Find a home loan that works today and will grow with you in the future

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Meet our head honcho

Tish Naughton is the brains behind Black Sheep Finance. And when it comes to Mortgages she knows her shizzle.

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Becoming part of the Black Sheep Finance team gives you the ability to build your own business; with the added security of knowing we’ve got your back.

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